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Rivervale’s BMW 330e Review

The BMW 330e is a family-sized luxury Saloon plug-in Hybrid (PHEV). From sleek and luxurious exterior, new engines to impressive interior and boot storage space. Learn more.

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17 Dec 18 | Written by Ismael Soliman

Choosing the Right Used Audi for you?

5th December 2018

If you’re planning to purchase a Used Audi car but don’t know which models are the most suitable and reliable for you, then this article is for you!… more

4 Benefits of Buying a Used Car

13th November 2018

Most people choose to spend their money on buying used cars instead of new cars. Here's 4 main reasons why people prefer to go for used cars over new cars...… more

Pro Golfer and Rivervale Drive the Fairway

7th November 2018

I sat down with professional golfer Toby Graves, a graduate from Keiser University in South Florida, United States, who recently leased out one of our used vehicles.… more

The Future of Buying Cars

6th November 2018

The way we make purchase decisions has significantly changed from a couple decades ago... But what about when it comes to buying a new car or used car?… more

Jeff’s Judgement … Should I have a Company Car or a Car Allowance?

28th February 2018

Rivervale’s Used Vehicle Director Jeff, has been in the Motor Trade for over 30 years so there is very little about cars he doesn’t know! This month he is considering the question many employees must ask themselves ‘Should I get a company car or receive a car allowance?’… more

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