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Jeff's Judgement ... Car Warranties

This month our Used Vehicles Director Jeff takes an in depth look at car warranties...

“I have always said in many ways a vehicle is like a light bulb. You can be sat there and all of sudden without warning ‘ping’ and the light bulb blows. The same can happen with any vehicle, a warranty can help a little by provide the comfort of knowing the problem will be fixed.

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13 Jul 18 | Written by Natalie Faughy

Jeff’s Judgement … Should I have a Company Car or a Car Allowance?

28th February 2018

Rivervale’s Used Vehicle Director Jeff, has been in the Motor Trade for over 30 years so there is very little about cars he doesn’t know! This month he is considering the question many employees must ask themselves ‘Should I get a company car or receive a car allowance?’… more

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