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Pro Golfer and Rivervale Drive the Fairway

Pro Golfer and Rivervale Drive the Fairway

Everybody has specific requirements when purchasing or leasing a used vehicle, but what exactly do professional golfers consider to be the most important when shopping for a used vehicle?

I sat down with professional golfer Toby Graves (pictured), a graduate from Keiser University in South Florida, United States, who recently took delivery of one of our used vehicles. Toby spent 4 years overseas and graduated with a BBA in Sports Event Management, alongside the academic and golf scholarships that he gained. Since returning back home to the UK, Toby has made pursuing a career in golf a long term goal. Ismael Soliman reports…

What were the top things you considered before leasing a used vehicle?

Toby answered: Value for money and dealing with someone I can trust. Rivervale are an obvious choice as they are highly respected and sourced a suitable car for me, having understood my requirements. Life as a professional sportsman in the early years can be expensive so keeping to a budget is essential.

What attracted you to the Audi A1?

Toby answered: My father has an Audi and I drove his for a couple of months. As I am just back from the States and with no driving experience in the UK, I had to choose a car which was sensible on insurance cover. I intend to travel a fair bit, so it needs to be comfortable and economical on fuel.

As a professional golfer, how important is it to have a spacious vehicle to store your golf clubs, balls, bags and equipment?

Toby answered: Most of the time I travel alone, so as long as my clubs and suitcase fit, I’m good to go. I’m 6ft 8, so I need plenty of leg room which the A1 surprisingly offers.   

Did you have any concerns before leasing the vehicle?

Toby answered: I had no concerns at all because I knew that Rivervale would do all the necessary checks to make sure the car was safe and given the all clear to drive

How long did it take to get everything finalised?

Toby answered: Very quickly as they found the car I wanted through their buying team. After test driving it, I then sat down with one of the account managers and went through the contract and signed on the dotted line. Rivervale made the entire process very easy and an uncomplicated process.

Have you been involved at Rivervale’s Golf day before?

Toby answered: I attended about 2 years ago with my father and a few of his clients. Vince and his team hosted the day magnificently and the guest list included Teddy Sheringham (the former England, Manchester United, Tottenham and West Ham footballer). He did a Q&A which went down really well.

I have a golf day organized for some personal fundraising at my own golf club, East Brighton on 5th July 2019 and at the same time will raise some cash for the local childrens charity Rockinghorse – an adopted charity for  Rivervale also. We are now looking into arranging one larger event, perhaps in the summer, so that clients of Rivervale and contacts of mine can combine to have a great day out, play some social golf and help the charity at the same time, so watch this space.

Rivervale are more than happy to start this partnership with Toby Graves. Toby is currently sponsored by SO Legal, Antrams, Graves Jenkins and Sussex Blinds, attached to East Brighton GC and fundraises for the Rockinghorse Charity. We will be continually updating this page with information about Rivervale’s upcoming Golf Day with Toby Graves, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for when it’s released!

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7 November 2018
Written by Ismael Soliman
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